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This site is concerned with the Jarmaine family. We are based in England with origins now traced back to the early 1700's in the Oxfordshire area of South Weston and Lewknor. The name has varied over the years according to who has written it down. Member of the same immediate family have been baptised various versions of Jarmaine, eg Jarmain, Jermaine, Jermain, Germaine, Germain etc. Our first known reference in the middle of the 18th century records the name in church records as Jermyn. For the next 50 years the name was spelled as Jermain(e) Germain(e) Garmain(e). Towards the end of the 19th century it was more commonly Jermain(e) and Jarmain(e). However, by the First World War it was only JARMAINE with only occasional misspellings. Now, in January 2001, we now find that it is quite likely that the name was spelled as G(J)ermany, G(J)armany, Jarmon(e)y, Garmony in the 17th/18th century. We do not know of any links abroad, with the exception of South Australia, at present. However, we are interested in hearing from anyone with information no matter how trivial it may seem to you - we may not know it!

Geographical Movement

My earliest known ancestor, 4x great grandfather Edward has children baptised at South Weston and Lewknor, Oxfordshire from 1751 to 1772. Edward died and was buried at Lewknor in 1806. His grandson Richard (born 1805) was baptised at Lewknor and may have been the first member of my immediate line to move from Oxfordshire. Richard was a shepherd and was married in 1836 at Croydon, Surrey to Amy Terry from Horne, Surrey. Nothing is known of their movements until his son William was born at Bletchingley, Surrey. The family then remained in this area for the next 30 - 40 years before moving to Redhill, Surrey about 1890.

The Oxfordshire Years

Edward JERMYN married Sarah and had children in Lewknor, Oxfordshire as follows:

Sarah JERMAIN born 1751 m Robert CLARK(E) in 1775
Edward JERMAIN born 1752 m Ann BAYER or BOYER in 1774
John JERMAIN born 1754 m Sarah HORTON in 1775
Elisabeth JERMAINE born 1755 m Christopher HAY(E)S in 1786
William JERMAIN born 1756 died 1756
Mary JERMAIN born 1758 m Richard DIMMOCK in 1790
Patty JERMAIN born 1760 died 1760
William JERMAIN born 1761
Hetty JERMAIN born 1762
Jane JERMAIN born 1764 died 1764
Charles JERMAIN born 1765 died 1804
Hannah JERMAIN born 1767 m William OAKLEY in 1800
Joseph JERMAINE born 1768 m Martha Jones in 1790
Jane JERMAIN born 1772 m Richard BEAMSLEY in 1801

The Surrey Years

My great grandfather, William Jarmaine, was born at Blechingley in 1851. Surprisingly, no siblings have yet been found. William married Ann (Annie) Hillman in 1872 at Bletchingley and had 11 children all of whom survived. In the late 1890's the family moved to Redhill and William and Annie's children married as follows:

William Richard Jarmaine born 1873 m Eliza Bourne in 1895
Amy Ann Jarmaine born 1875 m John Pickess in 1897
Lilian Elizabeth Jarmaine born 1877 m Albert Wilkins in 1899
George Henry Jarmaine born 1879 m Sarah Ann Elizabeth Ogilvie in 1901
Percy James Jarmaine born 1881 m Florence Annie Pedder in 1906
Leonard Edward Jarmaine born 1883 m Beatrice Louisa in 1903
John Jarmaine born 1885 (died unmarried in the Great War in1916)
Louisa Jane Jarmaine born 1887 m John Ware in 1916
Emily Rebecca Jarmaine born 1889 m George Morris in 1908
Caroline Jarmaine born 1891 m William Edward Dale in 1914
Alice May Jarmaine born 1896 m William Palmer in 1921

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Updated 3rd March 2010