Terry Family Connections

This page is concerned with the Terry family of whom nothing is known beyond these facts:

George Terry, born about 1791 at Horne, Surrey, and Elizabeth had the following children that were all baptised at Horne, Surrey.

Mary Ann born 3 December 1813 baptised 3 Jan 1814

Amy born 29 September 1815 baptised 29 October 1815

Elizabeth born 7 May 1818 baptised 14 June 1818

William born 18 May 1820 baptised about 26 April 1820

Martha born 18 May 1822 baptised 27 April 1822


Amy Terry married Richard Jarmaine (spelled Jermain) at St John the Baptist Church, Croydon on 12 October 1836.

William and Amy had a son they called William at Bletchingley, Surrey in 1851. I suspect that there may have been other children but cannot find them yet!

According to Census Returns William and Amy lived with their son William at Bletchingley in their later years. Richard died in 1881 and Amy died within the Godstone Registration District, probably at Bletchingley, in 1883 after spending a short period living with her son as a widow.

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Updated 3rd March 2010